Annika Lorenz

Assistant Professor of Innovation Studies


My name is Annika Lorenz and l’m an Assistant Professor of Innovation Studies at Utrecht University and a Guest Researcher at the Technical University (TU) Berlin. I obtained my PhD in Applied Economic Sciences in March 2014 from Technical University Berlin and I was a Post-doc in the Innovation Management research group around Wim Vanhaverbeke at Hasselt University from August 2014 till March 2017. I have a natural tendency to curiously approach problems as well as to challenge existing views. I’m a creative, open-minded and reliable person with innovative ideas. Therefore, I decided to combine my interests and my strengths and become a researcher and teacher in the field of strategy, innovation management and entrepreneurship.

My research interests span the interrelationship among high-technology strategy, intellectual property strategy, Open Innovation, and organizational behavior. Intellectual Property (IP) in general has become a crucial part of a company’s strategy. IP in the context of Open Innovation is another growing research area. Therefore, my cumulative doctoral thesis comprises five different essays summarized under the title "Unraveling the Paradox of External Knowledge Sourcing in an Era of Open Innovation, Appropriation, and Organizational Learning".

In my quantitative and empirical research I particularly analyze the paradox and tradeoffs between Open Innovation and IP. In doing so, I hope to shed light onto the complex relationship of IP as enabling, constraining or complementary factor in Open Innovation settings. I'm also interested in how firms perceive, evaluate and cope with failures in their appropriation strategy or their products.

Based on my prior work experience, I’ve additionally developed a strong interest in the aircraft industry where I currently pursue a new research project. During my PhD, I had the opportunity to work with different scholars from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and from the University Utrecht who provided valuable insights in new methodologies and research topics such as entrepreneurship in sustainable industries.

In my spare time I enjoy long-distance running, travelling, architecture (bridges and skyscrapers) and adrenaline sports.